STEM in Action: The Impact of the Schools Power Curriculum at Ohlone Elementary School

August 21, 2018

Like teachers and school administrators, our team at ForeFront Power has a passion for education and doing our best to make the future a better place for the next generation.

That's why we are excited to be the exclusive partner of Schools Power, a leading national education organization, to provide school districts with a renewable energy curriculum package that will tie the decision to go solar to the classroom. Founded in 2011, Schools Power provides K-12 educators with an easy way to add innovative lesson components that are project-based, Common Core Standards-based, and easily fit into existing curricula.

Last year, we were proud to announce that  every school that signs a Power Purchase Agreement with ForeFront Power receives the Schools Power curriculum at no cost.

Students won’t just read about renewable energy; they will deepen their understanding of its impact on their daily lives, while providing practice of their skills in STEM and English language arts. Also included are activities to build student interest and awareness of careers in the solar energy industry.

Check out the video below to hear Nicki Smith, former Principal of Ohlone Elementary School in Silicon Valley, discuss the impact of the Schools Power energy curriculum at her school.

Watch: The Impact of the Schools Power Curriculum at Ohlone Elementary School

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